From the CEO

October 31, 2017



The growth in net sales in the third quarter met our target. That helped for its part to raise our profitability to an excellent level. We are happy with our result development. We are well on our way to proving our prediction that our relative profitability will improve in the second half of the year. 
During the third quarter, we succeeded in our deliveries as planned. We owe our improved relative profitability to nearly record-high net sales, the relatively lower general costs in the period and our success in project implementation and operational development projects. Also the order intake, EUR 42 million, was at a good level. 
Our order book is strong, and we have a significant amount in the orders for the year 2018 and some also for the year 2019. Thus, we will retain our good momentum, and the utilization rates of our resources will remain high for the rest of the year. The order book scheduled for the last quarter of the year predicts that this year will be more even in terms of net sales than some previous ones. The operating profit of the last quarter will correspond with the level of net sales. As the demand on our key market areas has also continued active, our outlook is promising.
Thanks to a good start to the year, a strong order book and continued active demand, I am confident that our net sales will clearly grow and our operating profit will clearly improve from the previous year. 

Tapani Kiiski
President and CEO