Management of insider issues

Raute Corporation follows the Guidelines for Insiders issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, the Central Chamber of Commerce, and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. In addition, the company applies separate insider instructions approved by the Board of Directors.

Management of insider issues until 2 July 2016

Public insiders comprised the President and CEO, his or her deputy, the Board members, the auditors, and the members of the Group's Executive Board. Company-specific insiders comprised individuals who, as part of their duties, regularly deal with or obtain unpublished information that influences the share price.

Management of insider issues as of 3 July 2016

Regulations concerning insider issues have changed as of 3 July 2016, when the Market Abuse Regulation ("MAR") and the revised Guidelines for Insiders by Nasdaq Helsinki became effective in Finland, causing the following changes at Raute among others

  • Public insiders list was deleted and replaced by obligations to report and publish managers'  transactions (Managers comprise Board of Directors, President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer and their related parties)
  • Company-specific insiders list was deleted and replaced by establishing a corresponding "Confidential Information Recipient", "CIR" list of those individuals who have access to insider information. The persons registered on the "CIR" list have obliged themselves to obey the closed window according to the company's instructions. The "CIR" list is not public.

In addition to these, the company maintains project-specific lists. At Raute, a project means actions or arrangements being confidentially prepared and individualized, which according to Raute's knowledge is insider information and the publication of which Raute has resolved to postpone.

Chief Financial Officer is in charge of insider issues in the company.

The trading prohibition concerning those individuals under the obligation to report managers' transactions and those on the "CIR" list, begins at the end of an interim reporting period or financial year, however at least 30 days before publishing the said report, and ends in two hours following the publication of the corresponding stock exchange release. The company aims to avoid investor communication meetings during closed window periods.

Instructions to report Managers' and their related party's transactions as of 3 July 2016
(updated on 20 April 2017)

Contact persons in insider issues

In charge of insider issues: Arja Hakala (, tel. +358 400 710387)
Insider registers: Eija Salminen (, tel. +358 50 3801517)

Contacts by email in insider issues to:

  • Emails are read daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. local tim
  • In urgent insider matters during the period of 1 July to 31 July, please call either of those persons mentioned above.

Link to the Guidelines for Insiders by Nasdaq Helsinki

Link to the MAR Guidelines by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Finland.

At Raute, there is an internal procedure through which persons employed by the company can internally report of suspected violation of rules and regulations on the finance market.