Share information

Raute Corporation's domicile is Lahti.

Raute Corporation has two series of shares, which differ from one another in a way mentioned in the Articles of Association. The amount of series A shares is 3,239,174 pcs and series K shares 991,161 pcs (9 August 2017).

The A shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since 1994. The trading code is RAUTE (as from 16 January 2017).

Share capital
Raute Corporation's share capital is EUR 8,256,316.00.

Voting rights
At General Meetings, one series K share entitle the holder to twenty (20) votes and one series A share allows to one (1) vote.

Conversion and redemption right
Series K shares can be converted to series A shares under the terms described in section 3 of the Articles of Association. If a series K share is transferred to a new owner who has not previously held series K shares, the new owner shall report this to the Board of Directors in writing and without delay. The other shareholders of the K series have the right to redeem the share under the terms described in Article 4 of the Articles of Association.