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Take a look into the future of veneer, plywood, and LVL production.

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Automated solution for solid wood panel repairing

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Veneer, plywood and LVL: how they are made and what they are used for.

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How we work with the oldest resource of humanity to produce the solutions of tomorrow.

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Partnerships spanning six continents

We have global experience of thousands of installations with a vast range of wood species from all climate zones in the world. Our partners’ installations vary from single product mills to end-to-end complete serviced mills.

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We believe in making our machines last for decades

Masterful engineering is the secret to why our production line machinery and intelligent analyzers lead the industry in their modern thinking.

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We do not compromise when it comes to development and production

That means every solution needs to fit our customer’s needs and be maintained and upgraded. You can rely on us to be there to service your Raute machinery.

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Enthusiasm for engineering

Since 1908, companies have relied on Raute to deliver transformational machinery and technological services. The journey has been a long one from woodworking machine repairs to supplying complete factories around the world.


Lighthouse Joensuu

The best properties of both LVL veneer and cross-glued CLT have been utilized in the implementation of this wooden apartment building. 

Design by Arcadia Oy Architect's office. 

Get smart. Digitalize your production.

Data intelligence tools can maximize the quality and accuracy of your veneer, plywood and LVL production. Produce higher-quality veneer sheets, use less raw material and energy, and raise profits

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