Cool, clean and clever

We disrupt the existing services models, and redefine future mills. Data and digitalization are our tools, predictability is your business advantage.

Enabling better decisions and predictability

As the partner to future-proof the wood industry, we believe data and AI drive production of veneer, plywood, LVL and other engineered wood products. Digital production continues to be at the core of our technology and process development, including intelligent analyzers, revolutionary data capturing and use, connected mills, and advanced lifecycle support. With our unique solutions, we drive change and promote resource-efficient society.   

R&D annual expenditure
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Research units
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Our annual Research & Development expenditure is 3 percent of net sales. We have four research units in total – in Lahti and Kajaani, Finland, and Vancouver, Canada. With the help of these units, we can add new value to our customers’ everyday operations based on their needs and realities. Safe and ergonomic ways of working guide our product development. Starting from the mechanical solutions protecting the operator to the user interfaces enhancing intuitive use and fast learning. 

Intelligent analyzers

Our visual, moisture, and density analyzers use data across different production processes, enabling more accurate production decisions and quality control to maximize efficiency. They are a key to intelligent production where processes are optimized simultaneously and crosswise.

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Connected mills

Our mills in the R7-Series are connected powerhouses fueled by data and optimized with artificial intelligence. They put automation and machine vision in full use to master your productivity with high speed. They also equal with high-quality sheets, and raw material and energy efficiency.