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Data capturing is the productivity and quality maker of modern veneer, plywood, and LVL production. Analyzers utilizing machine vision, moisture detection, and strength analysis combined with digital tools are used for grading veneer, panels, and optimizing the production process. Making the most out of your raw material is made possible by modern analyzing systems. This way, you can utilize your raw material as efficiently as possible and minimize overall waste.

Analyzers are at the core of data-driven production. Intelligent analyzers make the right decisions at right time. Unlike humans, analyzers make accurate and consistent grading decisions. Based on real-life tests, the maximum accuracy of a human eye has been analyzed to be 70 % and the visual analyzer accuracy is at least 95 %. This difference in the accuracy correlates to all production functions where analyzers can be utilized. For example, with accurate block centering it is possible to increase the face veneer recovery up to 15 %. Producing more face veneer allows you to produce thinner panels which can lead to increased profits.

Based on data, analyzers sort veneer to different grades according to industry standards and customer needs. The data also enables process optimization reaching the most profitable way to produce your end products. Analyzers offer different kinds of valuable features to optimize the overall utilization rate of the veneer, maximize the face veneer as well as overall recovery, and optimize the veneer quality. These are just some of the benefits that can be easily achieved with the use of analyzers.

If you wish to take full advantage of the data-driven veneer production, the next step is to make sure the data gathering is up to date. Data usage is a modern way to enhance production quality. The latest data-capturing tools provide all the information you need to secure your production is running at full speed. These tools help you eliminate unnecessary downtime, increase productivity, and control the entire production process. Increased production intelligence leads to more profitable production.


Raute offers a wide variety of different types of analyzers for veneer, plywood, LVL, and lumber production. You can have a single analyzer in one of the process phases or let the analyzers control your entire production. Having analyzers throughout the production enables feedback between the different process phases improving the overall efficiency of the mill.

Mecano and Metriguard analyzers, proven, best quality, and well-known brands in the industry are renamed under Raute. All analyzers from Raute now belong to the same Raute brand.

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Log Handling

At the log yard of a mill, the incoming raw material is being sorted, qualified, and processed to logs for further processing. With us, your veneer and lumber production process starts with the market’s most precise and effective log handling.

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Veneer Production

Veneer is a thin wood sheet manufactured by peeling or slicing from a log, used primarily as the main ingredient in the making of plywood and LVL. We supply mills with solutions for all wood species, hardwood and softwood.

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Plywood Production

Plywood is a panel of wood consisting of thin, cross-bonded veneers, making it exponentially stronger than solid wood and one of the most versatile materials in the world. We are one of the world’s most reliable suppliers of mill-scale plywood projects.

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LVL Production

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a sturdy wooden beam made of veneers; ideal for load-bearing structures. More than half of the world’s LVL is produced with Raute machines, which can make LVL in all lengths, thicknesses and widths.

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Panel Handling

Panel handling covers finalizing wood-based panels to meet the end customer’s requirements. Raute's offering includes all panel handling technologies for plywood and selected solutions for solid wood panels.

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