Connor Easton: Changing Continents to Join Raute

Amy Fuhlman

We are pleased to introduce you to Connor Easton, Sales Manager, located at Raute’s North American location in Canada.

When you meet Connor, it’s easy to understand why his main career goal was the ability to connect with people. His natural people skills helped land him a sales position with a Japanese plywood machinery manufacturer a few years ago. Through this experience, Connor skillfully grasped the intricate nuances of plywood manufacturing, such as how different wood species affect manufacturing procedures.

Fast forward to an annual APA (American Plywood Association) meeting, Connor met the North American Raute sales team. He was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge of the industry and deep connections within our market. “I knew at this point that I would do whatever it takes to join Raute if I want to learn from the best,” states Connor.

And so he did. Not only did he change jobs, he changed continents. Now that’s career commitment!

A major draw for Connor to Raute was our single source complete mill capabilities. Likewise, a major draw for us was Connor’s international experience. As a global company, our goal is to deliver localized solutions anchored by an international perspective. “Raute maintains a strong presence in North America, Europe, China and Latin America. The fact that Connor knows the Japanese market brings a unique understanding to us that we have found to be a tremendous benefit,” states Trevor Wendt, Raute’s Vice President of North American sales. 

Connor shared a couple of predictions for 2024 and beyond for the timber mill industry. “After living through the “wood boom” during the pandemic, it appears that the market is stabilizing without the threat of crashing. Because the demand for housing is still high in the US and Canada, I believe we as an industry still have a strong future ahead of us.” 

Now that Connor has been inducted into the world of complete mill solutions, there are some areas that he’s particularly excited about. First, he’s found the Green Composer quite advantageous as it allows for maximized capacity of a dryer as well as automatic infeed of the veneer. “Being able to remove the difficult handling process of randoms earlier in the process will be a huge advantage for many mills,” says Connor. Next, he has found our panel repair line to be particularly exciting to work with. The flexibility of selecting between the R3, R5 and R7 Series lines allow for the specific needs of the customer to be met. And when you’re a people person like Connor, finding the right solution for the customer’s need is right up his alley.  

Connor can be reached at [email protected], and he will be attending the PELICE conference this March in Atlanta. Drop him a note or drop by booth P109G. Welcome to the team, Connor!