Raute's year 2023 recapped

Amy Fuhlman

As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s take a moment to reflect on a year that’s been quite the journey for Raute. For us, it was a year of change, growth and historic accomplishments. 

2023: A Record Year for Mill Scale Opportunities 

Mill scale deals don’t happen every day. When such opportunities arise, mills turn to us for complete mill product offerings, automation excellence and insightful data collection processes. We’re proud to have been a part of these collaborative projects:  

Thebault LVL Mill – 44.6M € 

French Groupe THEBAULT contracted with us for the technology delivery of their new Greenfield LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) production plant. This plant will be the first #LVL plant in France and is slated to produce 100,000 m3 of LVL entirely ''Made in France''. 
The order for our technology includes all the production processes from veneer peeling to LVL billet handling, including an extensive service package. The lines are a complete solution compiled of the latest most automated R7-Series technologies.

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LUMIN Plywood Mill – 49.6M € 

LUMIN, Urugay engaged us to perform an extensive raw material test to better understand the local raw materials at their composing and drying levels. The result: LUMIN selected our new Green Veneer Composing Line R7. 

The line will be installed as an in-line solution into a non-Raute brand peeling line and will be used to combine green veneer sheets to handle full sheets instead of randoms. 

This will be the first new generation Green Veneer Composing Line R7 to be delivered in Latin America, thus expanding our global mill footprint. 

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Latvijas Finieris Plywood Mill expansion – 29M € 

Latvijas Finieris contracted with Raute to expand their Verems, Latvia plywood factory to increase the production capacity by 35000 m3. 

The order includes all main production processes as well as an extensive service package and long-term on-site management. The lines are a complete solution compiled of the proven R5 Series and most modern automated R7 Series technologies. All lines will be equipped with analyzers for grading and MillSIGHTS software for data capturing. 

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Metsä Wood LVL Mill – 93M € 

We were awarded our largest deal in history by Metsä Wood for the technology delivery of a new Kerto LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) mill in Äänekoski, Finland.  

The order for our technology includes all main production processes from veneer peeling to LVL pressing. The lines are a complete solution compiled of the most modern automated R7-Series technologies. All lines are equipped with analyzers for grading and MillSIGHTS software for data capturing.

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2023: A Springboard for Future Success 

New Raute 2028 Strategy  

We adopted a future-focused strategy which starts with our new promise: “Making Wood Matter”. We also reorganized our structure to create stronger efficiencies that allow us to work smarter, and to better meet our customers’ evolving needs.  

At the core of our strategy is ESG (environmental, social and governance). We are committed to taking a holistic approach to carry out our sustainability agenda. sustainability business model. To guide this portion of our strategy, we hired our first ESG Manager, Satu Kaivonen, who brings a wealth of corporate and committee experience to our team. 

Indonesia Service Center 

Last year we established and got up and running our local service hub in Surabaya, Indonesia to support customers with installations, start-ups, and after-sales services. The mantra of our Indonesian general manager Galih Prakoso: “Service knows no boundaries”. 

New Innovations, New Markets 

We began the development of Panel Repairing Line R5 that is designed especially for #solidwood – a venture that showcases our dedication to pioneering solutions in the field of engineered wood products. This new endeavor is a solid demonstration of our commitment to driving #automation, #efficiency and #innovation in panel repairing. 

Imagining the Future Utilizing AI 

Artificial Intelligence is a process that we see great potential in. In fact, we let AI imagine how future mills would look like. We believe that AI will not replace the human touch, but greatly enhance it. All indicators show that AI will improve our craftsmanship, ensuring our operations are #sustainable and efficient, and setting the stage for the mills of the future. As we embrace change, we see AI as an important partner to come. 


2023: A Year of Advancements 

A Renewed Promise 

We adopted a new promise, Making Wood Matter. Internally and externally. We invite everyone to participate in enhancing sustainability and positive impacts on society. Our promise is the foundation of all we do.  

MillSIGHTS Usage Increasing globally  

Mills have long entrusted their production processes to us, so it’s no surprise that they are adding our #datacapture technologies into the mix. MillSIGHTS software adoption continues as mills reap the benefits of data-driven production that leads to higher-quality sheets, use less raw material and energy, and in the end, make more profit. 

Changzhou, China Grand Opening 

A testament to blending Finnish engineering excellence with the dynamics of global markets. Changzhou is home to many global leaders looking to full service the Asian market. We see it as one of our hubs to connect deeper with our customers, brainstorm, and pave the way for the next big thing. 

Raute Metriguard 50th Anniversary 

Our USA analyzer hub, Metriguard, celebrated a milestone of 50 years in business. Metriguard has a long history of providing exemplary lumber and veneer analyzers. In 2016, we saw them as a natural value-add to our offerings, expanding our reach to plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and lumber manufacturers across the US and Canada.

Watch the video: Celebrating 50 years of analyzer development in Raute Pullman (youtube.com)

LinkedIn Gains Over 7,000 Followers 

In 2023, we surpassed our goal of gaining 7,000 LinkedIn followers. One look at our postings and you’ll see that we do more than report news. We tell stories. We celebrate people, growth and industry achievements. We are thrilled to see our stories reaching more and more industry professionals every day. 

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The year 2023 has been a memorable one for us, but we certainly didn’t reach our goals alone. To our many customers, employees and business partners, thank you for your contributions. Now let’s see what great things we’ll achieve together in 2024!