Seth Rogers: Combining Hobby and Career

Amy Fuhlman

Join us in welcoming Seth Rogers to the Raute North American sales team. For Seth, the old saying “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” really holds true.

To focus on serving mills in the Southern US region, Raute Vice President of Sales Trevor Wendt was keen on bringing on board a sales manager who holds the combined strengths of sales know-how and understanding complex industrial machinery. Seth has a long history in the manufacturing sector. In fact, he’s worn many hats, including sales manager, project manager, mechanical engineer, designer and sales engineer for OEMs in the food, beverage and bulk material handling industries. This combination of experience makes Seth an ideal addition to the sales team.

“Seth’s qualifications truly stood out from the beginning. His equipment and engineering background translate well into our industry. But it’s his ability to relate to customers and build solid relationships that really impressed me”, states Trevor. 

When talking with Seth, you’ll see that he’s no stranger to how industrial machinery operates. His grasp of hydraulics, engineering and solving problems is widespread. The position at Raute presented a compelling opportunity to learn a wide range of wood processing equipment. The idea of being able to interact with a wide variety of customers was also a key benefit for Seth. From engineers to plant personnel to executive management, Seth’s experience allows him to get to the core of many departmental needs.

When not at work, you’ll find Seth in his woodshop. From furniture to guitars, creating end products out of wood has allowed him the ability to use his technical and creative skills in tandem to generate custom wood “art”. So, both professionally and personally, Raute has proven to be much more than a new career.

“The knowledge that I have gained from using my manual lathe and CNC router has helped me to understand the functionality of Raute’s equipment as well as how wood behaves in different physical states.”, says Seth.

With Raute’s diversity of product lines, Seth is enjoying the opportunity to learn something new every day. Of particular interest so far is green composing and automation solutions to help overcome issues with today’s shortage of skilled labor.

Seth is based out of Forth Worth, Texas, USA and will focus on connecting with mills in Southern USA. You can reach him at [email protected]. Seth will be attending the Pelice conference in March in Atlanta. But, if you happen to be in Fort Worth on a Saturday, you can find Seth busy in his woodshop.