What do my parents actually do in Raute?

Ville Nikunen

We asked our summer trainees to interview their parents to find out what they do for work.

Hanne about Tommi

"My father, Tommi Uski, works at Raute as a team leader of the research and development team. 

His job responsibilities include, among others, acquiring and guiding research and development tasks, attending meetings, discussing team assignments, reading and processing invention disclosures, and handling matters related to patents. Additionally, he is involved in resolving problems related to information systems. 

In his work, my father interacts with representatives from various fields. He gets to work with designers, production personnel, system specialists, patent handlers, and automation engineers, for example. His team consists of product development engineers specializing in different areas. 

One of my father's favorite tasks is solving product development challenges through discussions with the team. 

He ended up at Raute through open job applications. After an interview with the former head of the research and development team and the HR manager, he was hired by Raute. He describes Raute as a stable workplace where he gets to work with true professionals. Therefore, he can only recommend Raute as a workplace for those interested in engineering career." 

Tommi Uski, R & D Team Leader and Hanne

Lumia about Ida

"My mother's professional title is Chief Designer. Her typical workday always begins with a cup of coffee while reading and responding to emails. Usually, her day continues with various design tasks using AutoCAD or CREO software. Sometimes, she goes through what needs to be done or corrected with other designers, and if a project is in the assembly phase, she visits the factory to see how the assembly is progressing. 

In her work, my mother meets many people as she also serves as a employee representative. She believes that Raute has an excellent work community, and her favorite task is assembling models into production lines using CREO. Her own journey at Raute began also as a summer trainee, which were recommended to her by my grandfather. She would like to wish the readers a great summer." 

Ida Merimyrsky, Chief Design Engineer and Lumia

Karina about Olga

"My mother's professional title is an accountant. At work, she handles and processes incoming invoices. 

She has been at Raute for nine years. During this time, she has had various job responsibilities, such as export and project coordination tasks, which have allowed her to get to know people from different departments at Raute. She describes Raute employees as friendly and nice. 

Her favorite tasks are those that involve calculations, as she has a background in mathematics. She ended up at Raute in 2014 when she received a permanent employment contract from Raute after graduating from school. 

Olga describes the atmosphere at Raute as positive, equal, and friendly, even though it can be challenging at times." 

Olga Karpova, Accountant, accounts payable, and Karina


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