Safety first

Misa Tillaeus

Machinery safety is the basis of having a safe working environment.

SAFETY IS ONE OF the key factors in having a successful industrial panel-producing business today. Machinery safety is the basis of having a safe working environment. No safety rules or safety practices can replace modern automated guarding and safety solutions integrated into machinery. By applying the latest safety standards (like ISO 12100), Raute sets the goal that customer employees always get home healthy. As an active member of the Observing Committee (K114) of European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC 114 – Safety of Machinery, Raute is one step ahead when it comes to new safety standards and safety legislation.

To apply safety standards/safety legislation, the use of full area guarding with fencing nowadays is a must. The best results are achieved when the latest solutions of safety automation, safety logic controllers, and safety drives are combined with account usability and efficient production. By using Raute machinery, those aspects are always integrated. For example, full area guarding, based on fencing surrounding the line and interlocking guards and photo-sensitive safety equipment, ensures that access to machinery always means a safety stop – but only in that part of machinery where it is needed. In most cases, other parts of the line can continue production.