Accurate block centering ensures maximized veneer production

Eero Larvus

Accurate and optimized block centering determines the effectiveness of the entire veneer peeling process. Block centering ensures the amount of high-quality face veneer. If you want to maximize veneer production profit, focus on correct block centering. Why? Keep reading to learn why.

Accurate and reliable centering is crucial in face veneer production

The maximum amount of highest quality face veneer can be produced only with optimized block centering. Proper centering adapts to any shape and size of a block. Face veneer production is always a bottleneck in mills, and it defines the amount of highest quality and most profitable plywood. Raute has developed laser centering solutions to tackle this challenge. Unbroken, and consistent quality full sheets are the most desired raw material for panel surfaces. In addition to face veneer production, block centering defines the total available amount of raw material in the mill. If block centering is not optimized, you will permanently lose the opportunity to maximize the value of your raw material.

Proper centering plays a key role in profitable and efficient veneer and panel production.

Optimal centering guarantees maximum face veneer recovery with challenging block shapes

Maximizing the amount of high-quality face veneer per block is carried out easily with automated and optimized block centering. Currently the quality of raw material is increasingly uneven – different shapes and sizes, curved blocks and variable thickness. That makes centering difficult. Automated centering and autocalibration are the modern key to tackling this problem.

How to ensure optimal block centering?

The Raute Block Centering Analyzer R7 (previously Smart Scan HD) with autocalibration is a unique solution in the veneer production business. The reliable and optimized block centering process ensures production of up to +20% more of the valuable face veneer and maximum usage of raw materials. This process also highlights instances where the peeling line is unable to produce enough fullface veneer sheets to meet accepted standards. This can be especially true when peeling thin or curved blocks.

Autocalibration maintains optimal centering. Even with modern centering systems, inaccuracies may occur due to mechanical weariness and block size variation. Raute’s Block Centering Analyzer R7 allows continuous accurate centering and the best possible veneer yield. Autocalibration measures the centering result of every block in lathe spindles – it keeps track of and monitors possible inaccuracies. Our algorithms calculate needed corrections based on measuring data to follow blocks in maintaining constant XY-centering performance. Raute centering solutions are available for new or existing Raute peeling lines and also for other manufacturers’ peeling lines.

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