Analyzers, to fit all your needs

Markus Sirviö

We have more than 300 product variants and combinations, simply called Analyzers. We have the R3, R5, and R7 series as all traditional Raute products. We support all main production lines and all main sizes from 4ft to 10ft. Thus, one became hundreds of products!

Winter Snow: A blank sketchbook waiting for a new plan

I’m a winter person. I see Autumn Colors as a beautiful sign from Mother Nature that winter is coming. Nothing beats a quick dip in the chill water after a sauna, right! What about skiing on snow with unlimited choices to go – Giving you the feeling of freedom.

The root reason why I like winter most is the snow. Snow covers everything, hiding tracks, creating an untouched surface. It’s like blank paper waiting for the pen to draw something. Snow makes me  feel satisfied and creative at the same time. Satisfaction comes from the white clear perfect surface without the mess. The creative feeling comes from the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. I get a similar feeling when we start a new development project, and it is a new beginning – A blank sketchbook waiting for a new plan.

Summer was crazy hot, and so was our product development. We developed several new products, improved existing products, and started to see the importance of the product portfolio. Product releases are rare events, and even less often they are as significant as this time. I’m so excited about the new game-changer: the “Veneer Visual, Moisture and Strength Analyzer R7 -Peeling”, which is the flag-ship Analyzer for peeling lines. It includes new microwave-based moisture sensors and x-ray based density sensors integrated into the clipper camera system. The product is a so-called integrated Analyzer with the best-in-market grading capabilities. We have also introduced the new R5 series using the selected existing products matching the customer segment needs. Now, it’s time to get some results from the installations and boost sales with good reference stories. R3 series Analyzers are under development, and we are expecting results soon.

Product portfolio management: customer needs as a driver

Product portfolio managing might sound like an easy job when you have only one small product called Analyzer. What if I told you that we have more than 300 product variants and combinations, simply called Analyzers. Let me explain our offering in more detail. We have the R3, R5, and R7 series as all traditional Raute products. We support all main production lines: Peeling, Drying, Composing, Scarf jointing, Patching, Lay-up, and Panel Repairing. We support all main sizes from 4ft to 10ft. We have four product categories: Centering, Visual, Moisture, and Strength Analyzers. – Thus, one became hundreds of products! 

Управление продуктовым портфелем это командная работы, и здесь главная задача — это использовать потребности заказчиков в качестве катализатора для дальнейшего развития. Продуктовый портфель координирует стратегию, бизнес-процессы, продажи и разработку технологий. Вместе с отделами по развитию бизнеса, продаж, технологий, а также с менеджерами по разработке мы занимаемся поддержкой портфеля по всей компании Raute. Командная работа — это ключ к успеху!

В конце года наступает время анализа фактических показателей и постановки целей на следующий год. Что касается бизнеса, то всё идёт чётко по плану и даже лучше, чем мы ожидали, что свидетельствует о прекрасно проделанной работе. Такой результат придаёт нам уверенности в дальнейшей работе. Пришло время ставить новые цели и пересматривать планы. Сейчас активно ведётся работа по разработке стратегии, бюджетирования, портфеля и планов по развитию.  Потихоньку вырисовывается большая картина – на которой виден путь, по которому мы пойдём дальше.

С пожеланиями яркой осени и первого снега!

Маркус Сирвиё
Управляющий продуктовым портфелем, направление Анализаторы
Тел. +358 40 050 9018
[email protected]