Complete Mill - More than machinery

Jari Myyryläinen

From planning to all the way to the commissioning of the mill, ramping up the production, and supporting the production with lifecycle support services – this is what we are talking about.

Completely more than machinery

Complete Mill is more than a collection of separate production lines under the same roof. It is a carefully engineered production engine, where the logs go in from one end of the mill and the finished products come out from the other end of the mill – and everything in between is designed to work together seamlessly. 

Through our expertise within the industry, we are the only one that can provide this solution to all producers in veneer, plywood, and LVL industry.

A Complete Mill is always tailored to your needs where the available raw material, your end products, desired production capacity, quality requirements, and not forgetting your desired level of automation, are taken into account. 

No matter the size of the production, the complete mill solution is always designed with the optimization of the end-to-end process as the leading principle. When designed for you, the line capacities are balanced, thus your investment money is optimally used.

From planning all the way to the commissioning of the mill, ramping up the production, and supporting the production with lifecycle support services – this is what we are talking about. 

Investment for the future

During the past years, Raute has invested significantly in developing digital services which are incorporated into our Complete Mill offering. Our machines and analyzers are connected together helping you to get the most out of your raw material. 

But there is more. 

Through data analytics, you get fact-based knowledge from your production to support your decision-making in real-time. We use machine learning for the best possible utilization of your raw material and the robots eliminate the repetitive or most dangerous work phases from the process. All this to bring more efficiency, reliability, and consistency into your production. 

One important element in the design of a Complete Mill is the lifecycle services for the machinery. Machines need continuous maintenance and top-quality spare parts at the right time. 

With our Complete Mill solution, everything maintenance-related is already covered for you. You’ll have the right parts, the knowledge, and support whenever you need, wherever around the globe you are. This guarantees the long-lasting performance of the Mill for years to come. 

This is our vision 

We believe in digitalization, integrated production lines, and real-time data. We want to promote the transformation of the veneer, plywood, and LVL production to the most intelligent glory it has ever been! 

We believe in efficiency.  Seamless operation of machines and people means minimizing manual work. We see the role of an operator to evolve from a manual worker to a production process specialist with the primary focus to keep your production process running flawlessly at all times. 

We believe in safety. The layout of a Complete Mill is designed for safe movement inside the Mill and around the production machinery. Also, the material flow inside the Mill is optimized avoiding risks. 

We want to combine all this for your benefit and to help you to get the best possible return on your investment. 

So, waste no time and go ahead, ask more and throw us a challenge. We can do it, so let’s build the Complete Mill together! 


Jari Myyryläinen
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Tel. +358 40 873 3050
[email protected]


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