Learning is now just one click away!

Sanni Rinne

Knowledge is the key to success. Throughout the years, Raute has enhanced the knowledge of mill staffs on plywood and LVL production to enable them to work more effectively through training. The competitive market and fast development in technology create demand for more effective learning. Raute provides a new way to train your staff: millacademy.

MANY ISSUES complicate the organizing of training, e.g. location, shift work and the number of participants. These problems are non-existent in MillACADEMY, which is available at any time, with any device and from anywhere with a sufficient internet connection. It makes both basic and comprehensive training easy, activating, and flexible for hundreds of employees.

Digital tracking and monitoring of results ease verifying of required knowledge and skills of the personnel. Tracking the results of training becomes easier as MillACADEMY provides a safe platform where supervisors and HR personnel can monitor the test scores and learning progress of employees. Just one example of this is our Safety at Line course which teaches how to work in a safe manner on a production line and measures whether the employee has understood and internalized the safety instructions.

MillACADEMY is easy to use, available 24/7 and provides excellent content for your training needs.

MillACADEMY can also be used as a tool for filtering potential employees – even before interviews. When looking for new mill employees, why not ask them to study a course in MillACADEMY. Passing or failing a course is a good indicator on whether an applicant has any motivation to learn about your industry or mill.

Most effectively, MillACADEMY is used when combined with other training methods, such as classroom or hands on training. For example, Raute’s own training program is made up of two components: independent online learning in the basics of the subjects and an expert lecture for a more in-depth view. Studying the theory and the basics independently with MillACADEMY means that lectures can concentrate on detailed information and teaching of the theory in practice.

The courses are compiled by Raute experts and cover the entire production process and more: from raw materials to quality control, and from log handling to packing. The courses consist of interactive training materials, line manuals and exams which evaluate the learning and skills of your staff. They are all available in your language 24/7 and can be accessed with computers, tablets, and mobile phones.