Business operations

Raute creates added value for its customers by improving the competitiveness and profitability of their production process during the entire life cycle of the investment.

The main benefits Raute's solutions offer to the customer are higher raw material exploitation, greater productivity, lower consumption of energy and chemicals, better end-product quality and smaller environmental loadings.

Raute's solutions consist of project deliveries and technology services

Project deliveries consist of complete production machinery for mills, separate production lines, and individual machines and equipment. Raute's versatile technology offering ranges from simple basic production technology to highly automated processes. RautePro, RauteSelect and RauteSmart solutions serve different customer needs.

Technology services comprise maintenance, spare part services, consultation and training, as well as modernization projects. The development of technology in itself and Raute's large installed machine base create demand for technology services. The primary users of these services are customers with Raute production machinery.

Raute aims at close partnerships in customer cooperation, developing the customer's production process and end products together with the customer for the long term. Raute's extensive experience as a technology supplier for the wood products industry and its profound understanding of customer needs are the basis for both the development of its customers' processes and Raute's own product development.