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Sales & Marketing

Rauteans form a global sales team. As we operate with investment goods the sales process takes time. We offer customers solutions that best suit their needs. The negotiation phase can take from a few months up to several years.

Customer needs

We ascertain the customer’s objectives. Our experts assist customers in profitability calculations and support them in their investment decisions, for example through market research. If necessary, we perform tests using the customer’s raw materials. 

New order

The order becomes effective according to the terms of the sales contract, typically from the transfer of the advance payment and letter of credit. Delivery period begins. Project manager will be selected and the other project team leaders which typically are:

  • chief mechanical engineer
  • chief automation engineer
  • manufacturing designer
  • purchaser
  • person in charge of installation and commissioning.


Engineering phase includes the drawing up of the line’s operational description, which provides important data for the design phase. Drawings and parts lists, automation plans and programs, operating and maintenance instructions are drawn up for the machines and equipment contained in the delivery. 


Production starts by purchasing the materials required for the machines and equipment. Raute manufactures part of the delivery itself and commissions part of it through its partners. Raute is responsible for the assembly and electrification of the machines and equipment.

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The key machinery is tested using the customer’s raw material. The machines are presented to the customer’s personnel, followed by training.

Transportation and installation

The machines and equipment are packed in freight containers for transportation. The containers are shipped and transported to the installation site. The customer’s installers install the machines under the supervision of Raute’s experts. Raute oversees the installation.


The machines are started up under production conditions, using local raw materials. The customer’s personnel receive training. A safety inspection is carried out, in addition to capacity and quality testing. The warranty period begins.


Raute is responsible for the maintenance and spare parts for the machines and equipment. Machines and equipment included in the maintenance contract are serviced regularly.

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