Assembly Technician

Doug Erickson

"There's always a new challenge that comes up."

Transducer wheels lifesaver, always embracing new challenges

My name is Doug Erickson, and I am a Mechanical Technician. I've been here for 21 years. I produce or repair transducer wheels for customers. It's about an eight-hour process to go through one repair or to build one new for stock. It's just a long, methodical process of going through and setting everything up correctly to make a good product that will last for our customers.

You know, part of why I enjoy working here is I enjoy being around the people that I work with. There's always a new challenge that comes up. But being a part of the development processes has always been, you know, something to be proud of when it comes to full fruition, and you see it being a part of that is nice.


Born 1976
Started at Raute 2001
Basic education