General Manager, Raute Service Indonesia

Galih Prakoso

"Service knows no boundaries, and our specialists are prepared to support Raute's operations worldwide."

Shaping the Future with Passion and Determination

In the dynamic industry of veneer, plywood, and LVL manufacturing, we at Raute stand steadfast, powered by the combined expertise of our dedicated professionals.

Among them is Galih Prakoso, our General Manager. We invite you to follow Galih's journey, a story that perfectly reflects the drive that defines Raute Service Indonesia, reinforcing our commitment to deliver top-notch professional services.

Galih's Journey to Raute

Every story begins somewhere, and for Galih Prakoso, it all began in his hometown Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia. This made him deeply appreciate his Indonesian heritage and sparked a curiosity that would influence his future. Today, fueled by this passion and curiosity, he proudly serves as General Manager for Raute Service Indonesia.

"Coming from an architectural background, my exploration of different industries and work environments was driven by my interest in building materials, especially wood," Galih says. "This interest led me to find out about the plywood industry and how it connects with architecture, which eventually brought me to Raute." His varied experience in multinational companies, and different roles in sales, operational management, and human resources, prepared him for his current role managing the business operations at Raute Service Indonesia.

A Closer Look at Raute Services

At Raute, dedication and skill are the foundation of our operations, and Galih's story is a clear example of this spirit. As the General Manager for Raute Service Indonesia, Galih leads a team of enthusiastic specialists dedicated to delivering excellent service to customers. Galih also emphasizes the global reach of Raute's services, stating, "Service knows no boundaries, and our specialists are prepared to support Raute's operations worldwide."

Galih further explains, "In this early phase of Raute Service Indonesia, our expertise is in operational management, finance, legal, and ongoing sales. Our goal is to provide the best customer support, making sure our customer’s machines run as efficiently as possible." Working together within the team plays a key role in the success, as Galih expresses his thanks for working alongside specialists who share the same strong passion and motivation.

A Vision of the Future and Personal Pursuits

A devoted father of two daughters, a family man at heart and an explorer by nature, Galih enjoys the journey of life and its challenges. He sees life as a series of learning opportunities from each new experience. In his free time, Galih enjoys two cherished hobbies: cycling and reading. He loves exploring the outdoors on his bike, carrying his big backpack filled with books. And when he is not on the move, he can be found lost in a good book, learning more and finding inspiration in interesting stories. These hobbies not only bring him joy and relaxation but also help his creativity grow.

Speaking about his future aspirations, Galih shares, "My goal is to position Raute Service Indonesia as a leading service company in the plywood industry. I aim to set up our own warehouse for spare parts and inventory."

In the mix of personal goals, professional dedication, and personal hobbies, Galih Prakoso's story continues to evolve at Raute. As we move forward, we wish Galih all the best. His story serves as a source of inspiration and a clear example of the powerful combination of passion, determination, and commitment in shaping the future of Raute Service Indonesia. Good luck, Galih!


Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

Started at Raute 2023

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