AI specialist

Guo Gelin

"AI has always been my thing, and then I met Raute"

Know you in the stars, hold on to you in Raute

AI and all data are the core of modern veneer, plywood, and LVL manufacturing, and we at Raute are putting more gear into AI development. When looking for additional talents to join this development, we found Guo Gelin. 

Now get to know Guo's whole story from China to Finland and to Raute. 

Guo joined Raute in November 2021 as an AI specialist. In his previous career, he worked in machine vision and as a software engineer in Finnish companies, focusing on artificial intelligence.  

AI, we believe this term is no longer alien to you. But for Guo, his AI story at Raute has just begun.  

Thanks to the stars, I met AI for the first time  

In 2012, when Guo was an undergraduate student in China, his lab supervisor recruited him to work on a project - processing astronomical data with AI. The general idea was that they used astronomical telescopes to collect data on galaxies and then processed that data through AI to see if they could discover new stars." That was my first involvement with AI, and I was blown away by the mystery and the unknown."  

After graduation, he moved to Finland in 2016 to start a master's degree at Aalto University to study artificial intelligence and data science further.  

AI has always been my thing, and then I met Raute  

"It has always been clear to me that AI has always been a passion for me, constantly satisfying my curiosity."  

Before coming to Raute, Guo had two jobs in Finland, first in machine vision (AI field) and then as a software engineer in the telecommunication industry. He later realized that his most interest was still in machine vision, and it was at that time he found out about the position of AI specialist at Raute. After learning more about it, he saw the perfect match with his interest in this. "As it is precisely about the work of machine vision, choosing Raute gave me a sense of returning! "  

Despite the glowing research in Finland, artificial intelligence is still in its early stage for our industry. However, Guo is confident that Raute, with its state-of-the-art visual analyzing technology, can move even further with AI-powered products.  

Life in Finland  

Guo currently lives in Helsinki. And due to the pandemic, Guo has been working most of the time remotely. Yet he finally got to meet many of his colleagues at the Christmas dinner event in Kajaani. "All my teammates were very friendly and helpful".

Guo has a fascinating insight into the Finns and their culture. "In Finland, the way to maintain friendships is different from China. In China, constantly keeping in touch with your friends is the most important thing if you want to stay close to people. But you don't necessarily have to do that in Finland, where people are more dedicated to relationships. So especially if you make new friends out of common interest, your friendship will last a long time".

Since coming to Finland, Guo has changed a lot in his hobbies." I loved playing basketball in China, so I could call up some friends and make the team. When I moved to Finland, I found it challenging to start a group. So now I like to play tennis, you know, it's easier". Recently, he's hooked on vinyl records." Because you are not just listening to the music, you are listening to how it was recorded from the microphone, and that's fascinating!". The romance with machines seems so natural to anyone who works with them. 


Master of Science, Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Started at Raute 2021

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