Production manager

Joona Vähä-Antila

"We at Raute are in a very good position to embrace the opportunities of digitalization."

From a young apprentice to a production wizard

My career in Raute began in August 2011 as I joined the company as a young trainee. In the following year, I returned to Raute to do my thesis, after which I worked in several different positions in different processes at Raute.

In 2015, I became Manager of Production Planning and after a few years took the lead of a team of highly experienced manufacturing engineers. During my three and a half years in that role, me and our team planned over 300 projects that consisted of over 110 modernization types, over 170 production lines, and 11 mill scale plans produced globally. In February 2019, I became Production Manager, responsible for the production of Raute’s main plant and overseeing and organizing the whole production process with a team of skilled and experienced professionals.

I have always been hungry for new opportunities to challenge myself and pursue my professional goals. In Raute, I have been able to do exactly that. I have also been lucky in a sense that my superiors and colleagues have always been very supportive and coached and mentored me when I have needed their guidance. I have tried to take the same approach to my work. Nowadays, my biggest satisfaction at work is to coach and motivate colleagues and team members to help them succeed in their work.

I must also confess that I am a bit of a technology geek. I’m passionate about Industry 4.0 and the opportunities digitalization can bring to our industry. We at Raute are in a very good position to embrace the opportunities of digitalization. I believe this will give Raute a competitive edge and make it an even more
attractive workplace for talented and ambitious individuals in the future.


BBA - Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management

Started at Raute 2013

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