Technology Manager

Jyrki Pesonen

"The work we do has to be sustainable on a much larger scale than annual quarters define."


A former colleague of mine working for Raute contacted me and said, “we need a guy in North America, will you go?”. My answer was clear, and I began my work at Raute on September 1st, 2001. At first, I made trips from Finland to North America and when all paperwork was finalized, I moved to New Westminster, BC, Canada in the spring of 2002. From there I handled Canada and US as a technology manager with up to more than 200 travel days per year.

In the fall of 2006, I moved back to Finland after 5 years in North America. After that, I worked in Raute Kajaani as Vision Systems Manager and currently as Technology Manager responsible for research and new products. First, I was involved with the development of our moisture analyzer for dry veneer grading. A little later I was all in with the development of the green end moisture analyzer.

After these projects, we started talking about X-rays which was also one of my projects. The analyzer and measurement technologies have always moved forward. We are currently studying new technologies to be utilized in our future products. Through research and new technologies, we have also found new applications to utilize analyzers and to widen our product repertoire.

A phrase that comes into my mind about Raute is “Join Raute, see the world”. I have been to quite many places during my career at Raute, as well as many other colleagues. As the saying goes, the world is our oyster. This is also one thing I’m proud of and happy about. Not all people get to experience the same.  There is a much deeper meaning to it too, while being with so many different cultures, countries, and their people, I have seen how beautiful this globe is, and do honestly share the common care of nature and industry within. The work we do has to be sustainable on a much larger scale than annual quarters define.


B. Sc., Embedded Computers

Started at Raute 2001

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