Plywood Production Expert

Petri Sihvonen

"Variety at work keeps things interesting and makes it more rewarding."

Continuous learning makes the job interesting

I became a part of the Raute team a little over a year ago. My role as a Plywood Production Expert allows me to utilize a lot of my old skills and knowledge from plywood manufacturing but also to learn new things and get new experiences. Visiting our customers and telling them about our technologies is a big part of my job, even though the pandemic has moved almost all customer contact online. Luckily, we have great connections and working from home has gone smoothly.

In addition to the work with our customers, internal development is also one of the things I work with. Due to my previous experience in the customer’s side of the field, I have been able to offer insight and suggestions on how we can further enhance our offering. Understanding the needs of our customers has been especially useful in our internal development projects, but also in supporting our sales team.

In terms of self-development, I think proactivity is the key. There is a lot to learn and a huge amount of expertise available, if one is willing to seek it. My colleagues at Raute are very skillful, and help and support are always easy to find. Variety at work also keeps things interesting and makes it more rewarding.


Master's Degree, Wood Science and Wood Products

Started at Raute 2019

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