Technologies and innovation

Our view of the future

We believe in smarter wood economy. As the popularity of wood as a raw material is growing, the demands for carbon-neutral solutions are increasing. And that is how it should be. We want forests to be full of life and businesses full of wood-related opportunities.

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Intelligent production plays a crucial role in our operations. We optimize different production processes, both simultaneously and crosswise. We offer diversified equipment and process data and new digital services, such as predictive maintenance, remote set-up, and 24/7 online automation support.

Research and development drives us forward. Our annual R&D expenditure is 3 percent of net sales. We have four research units in total – in Lahti and Kajaani, Finland, in Shanghai, China, and in Vancouver, Canada. With the help of these units, we can add new value to our customers’ everyday operations based on their needs and realities. We believe in the power of diversity and combine different capabilities of research engineers, analysts, and experts with a doctorate in technology for the good of the smart wood economy.

Safe and ergonomic ways of working drive our product development. Starting from the mechanical solutions protecting the operator to the user interfaces, that can not be misinterpreted.   

Resource-efficiency of veneer, plywood, and LVL production gets more and more important. In our technologies, more efficient use of raw material, energy, chemicals, and labor, as well as high and even product quality are our priorities.

Annually, our R&D expenditure is 3% of net sales. 

One of the reasons we wanted to work with Raute is that with them, we can be sure we have access to the newest technology available in the market. Because of this, we can continuously update our mills, which gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors.

José Miguel Marqués
VP, Operations, Maderas Arauco