Data-driven production

We believe data and AI drive veneer, plywood, and LVL production in the future. Digital production continues to be at the core of our technology and process development, including intelligent analyzers, revolutionary data capturing, connected mills, and advanced lifecycle support. In the end, digital solutions enable zero-waste solutions by improving resource efficiency at every phase of your production.

We can digitally process and analyze vast amounts of data collected from customers’ equipment and processes. By receiving accurate information for example about the raw material yield in different process phases, our customers can focus on improving the most relevant parts of their process. This can lead to significant cost savings, quality improvements, or increases in production capacity.

Intelligent analyzers

Our visual, moisture, and density analyzers use data across different production processes, enabling more accurate decisions regarding production and quality control and management. They are key to intelligent production where different processes are optimized simultaneously and crosswise. By analyzing the requirements of the next steps in the process, combined data from various analyzers can optimize decisions to maximize efficiency.

Revolutionary data capturing

MillSIGHTS is a Management Information System, giving you a comprehensive view of production. It is based on real insight into conditions within the process and the production environment and provides up to 10 percent saving in time compared to manual data search and collection.

Connected mills

Our mills in the R7 series are connected powerhouses fueled by data and optimized with artificial intelligence. They put automation and machine vision in full use to master your productivity with high speed. As a result, you get high-quality sheets, use less raw material and energy and maximize productivity.

Advanced lifecycle support

Efficient use of data enhances performance across the investment’s lifecycle. We help our customers to collect real-time mill data, develop smart reporting and analyzing of the production, and improve condition monitoring – even remotely. These insights can be used for the planning of production upgrades and maintenance, and eventually foreseeing future business decisions.

Resource-efficient technologies

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Digital tools

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Lines & Machines

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