Smarter wood economy is built together

We are an active member in the DIMECC ecosystem of 400+ organizations focusing on co-creation to speed up time to market. Our R&D team studies productivity in wood processing in many fronts, from improving yield and capacity to reducing energy and water consumption and waste. Our two laboratories enable unique research around wood and measurement technologies, such as moisture, strength and different tree species. We also have versatile research projects in Finland with the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, LUT University and the University of Helsinki.


3D printing – FAME

3D printing offers an option for existing manufacturing methods. We are a founding member of FAME Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem consisting of Finnish manufacturing companies. The companies aim to reach 5% of the global 3D printing market volume by 2030.

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Industrial Data Excellence – InDEx

Machine learning enables more efficient use of data. We are a founding member of Intelligent Industry ecosystem. The ecosystem visions to unlock the value of data as an enabler for the next industrial revolution around artificial intelligence in the Finnish manufacturing industry.

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Digital twin – MOSIM

The value of modelling and simulation in industrial setting is growing dramatically. Together with LUT University, we seek to radically improve the capability for cost-efficient and accurate digital modelling and simulation of human motion.

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