Investor communication policy

Raute's investor communications policy


Raute's shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki. Raute complies with the requirements and recommendations set for listed companies by the Finnish Companies Act, the Securities Markets Act and other applicable legislation, the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd as well as the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA).

This investor communications policy seeks to define the key principles and operating methods to be followed in Raute's investor communications.

Investor communications policy

In its investor relations, Raute aims to uphold accuracy and transparency and to provide top-notch service.

Raute's investor communications seek to support the correct valuation of Raute's share by providing sufficient and relevant information on the company and its business environment to different investor groups simultaneously and fairly in order to ensure that capital market actors can form a well-grounded assessment of Raute as an investment.

Raute's investor communications include not only financial reports and its Internet site, but also meetings with investors, in which the senior management of the Group participates actively.

The company's President and CEO and the CFO are responsible for investor relations.

Closed window

Raute seeks to avoid investor communications meetings during the period starting at the end of the reporting period, however at least 30 days prior to publishing the interim report or financial statements release and expiring after the stock exchange release covering the period has been published.

Publication of financial information

Raute publishes its financial reports (annual report, financial statement bulletin and interim reports) and stock exchange releases and notifications in both Finnish and English. The company publishes other investor information mainly in Finnish, and in English when necessary. Financial reports, releases and other information on Raute are available on Raute's site at When financial statement bulletins and interim reports are published, Raute holds a press conference in Helsinki, during which analysts, investors and the media can meet the company's CEO and CFO in person.

Raute's financial objectives and earnings forecast

As actual results are greatly dependent on trends in the global business cycle, Raute does not publish any time-dependent key ratios concerning its financial objectives. Due to the nature of its business, Raute provides "loose forecasts" of its earnings outlook.

Market forecasts by analysts

Upon request, the company will check analyses or reports drafted by analysts for factual errors, insofar as said reports and analyses are based on materials released by the company. Raute does not comment on or take responsibility for interpretations by capital market parties or for any of the conclusions, forecasts or expectations they publish.

Disclosure policy

Raute complies with the core principle of the law, as stated in Chapter 6, Section 4 of the Securities Markets Act: "An issuer of a security admitted to trading on a regulated market shall, without undue delay, disclose all such decisions made by it as well as factors relating to the issuer and its activities that are likely to affect the value of the said security."
Raute publishes stock exchange releases to announce any new individual or combined orders without undue delay once the contract of sale has entered into force, is binding to both parties and the order has been recognized in the company's order book. Typical terms and conditions set for the entry into force of contracts of sale include the payment of an advance by the customer and/or the opening of an irrevocable letter of credit. Publishing insider information, which potentially has arisen prior to the contract of sales has entered into force, will be delayed according to MAR Article 17(4).
At the discretion of Raute's management, the company may also release information on new orders that represent major breakthroughs in new customer groups, markets or technologies, and on accumulated orders of project deliveries that substantially improve the company's order book after the release of the last interim report.
In addition to financial information, Raute also publishes stock exchange releases on appointments to the company's Executive Board and any appointments of key employees that may be considered to influence the company's value or image as an investment.
Raute's management  subject to the notification requirement includes the Board of Directors, President and CEO and Chief Financial Officer. The transactions of persons subject to notification requirement will be published promptly and no later than three business days after the transaction.