Game-Changing Log Scanning Solutions - Smart Scan HD


Smart Scan HD, the next- generation log scanning system from Raute, is a game-changer in its own right when it comes to raw material savings in the green end, optimizing algorithms according to customer needs with shorter peel-to-peel times and less lathe-charging failures. Solutions like this provide higher quality and efficiency in plywood manufacturing.

Next-generation improvements

"The new Smart Scan HD is based on well-known and proven Smart Scan XY+ but has a remarkably higher scanning resolution in the longitudinal and tangential directions", describes Mika Hyysti, Vice President of Technology at Raute Finland. Especially with small log diameters, accurate centering is critical in order to maximize the recovery of the peeling line. "The most important feature of Smart Scan HD is that the log can be scanned while it is lifted. This offers COE-790 owners the possibility to benefit from the most modern XY-optimizing technology available." says Hyysti. "Other improvements are the more flexible and quicker installation thanks to the wide scanning range of the laser sensors and the more attractive and intuitive user interface not to mention the electrical components which are all commercially available." Like its predecessor, the Smart Scan HD can be installed on all kinds of lathe decks.

Long lifespan

"The development process of Smart Scan HD started from the need for a successor for a 10-year old and mature Smart Scan XY+. While working on that, we decided to increase the scanning resolution as well, and as a result, we now have more precise data for optimizing and a natural-looking image of the log. A precise image is valuable for diagnostics purposes", Hyysti describes. The development of the Smart Scan HD was made in close cooperation with the leading 3D scanning technology supplier LMI Inc. As a result the Smart Scan HD will have a long lifespan of at least 10 years.

Optimal calculations with advanced technology

The Smart Scan HD is based on the latest technology available. "With LMI Gocator 3D sensors the distance to the log along its longitudinal axis is measured at a resolution of 3 mm (0.118 inches) and along the turning axis at 1 degree. This produces 360 000 radius vectors and gray scale pixels", tells Hyysti. "The measurement data is read from the sensors over Ethernet and the optimization result is  calculated with a PC with an i7 Quad Core processor  capable to run the advanced optimization algorithms with huge amount of data ", Hyysti continues.

User-friendly interface

The user interface of the Smart Scan HD supports Windows 7, and is easily installable to any Windows 7 computer on the same network. "It allows multiple user interfaces simultaneously on line, for example at the control cabin door, at the lathe operator room, at the maintenance room and at the remote site for remote diagnostics", describes Hyysti.

Added value with the autocalibration option

The Smart Scan HD has a patented auto-calibration option. "The auto-calibration option monitors the centering result on a continuous basis and "learns" the exceptions caused for example by worn bearings or bushings in the XY-charger or the lathe spindles. Auto-calibration can automatically compensate such exceptions with different log sizes and further l verify the maximum benefit of XY optimizing. For the veneer producer it saves raw material and maximizes production time." Hyysti tells.

Pilot projects in Plum Creek, USA and Moelven, Sweden

Raute has installed two Smartscan HDs now running at Moelven, Sweden and Plum Creek, United States.

At Plum Creek the Smartscan HD was included in a modernization project where the automation of the old COE lathe deck was replaced with an Allen Bradley CLX based control system by Raute.

At Moelven all the controls and part of the mechanics of the COE peeling line were modernized. The project involved a Smart Scan HD, AC servo controlled XY setworks, a new knife carriage, a VCA clipper scanner and an RCH clipper control upgrade and a stacker and stack unloading system. The Siemens S7 control upgrade and the obsolete DC drives and tray control system were replaced as well. 

"Installing the Smart Scan HD at Moelven was part of a bigger development program for the whole factory in order to increase the automation level and to reduce manpower. Our role was to bring in experience from line modernizations to improve the productivity and recovery of the peeling line ", explains Jussi Puranen, Peeling Technology Manager at Raute. "The increased capacity of the line, ensures maintenance shutdowns within regular working hours", adds Jussi Puranen.

The old COE peeling line was completely modernized in a few steps. The target was to improve line profitability and to reduce maintenance. Moelven wanted one partner who was able to supply the whole modernization and  guarantee a high performance of the line.   

"As a result the recovery of the line is now 6-7% higher than before. This will ensure the pay- back of the investment in the planned schedule, in this case less than two years. The veneer quality is also better, contributing to the performance of later panel manufacturing processes in a positive way" say Managing Director Leo Persson and Project director Mattias Nilsson.

Excellent improvement for North American plywood manufacturing

Smart Scan HD will fit all customer and raw material needs around the world. Its large installation base will ensure a long life time and support. The earlier Smart Scan XY+ has already been sold to almost 100 units. The user interface can be run with either metric or imperial units. "Production reports, well known in North America, have of course been included in the new system. Smart Scan HD communicates seamlessly with Allen Bradley CLX and the LMI 3D sensor technology is made in North America. This proves that this product has been designed for North American customer needs", describes Hyysti.