Good workingplace

Number of Raute personnel has grown in recent years as Raute's business volumes have grown strongly due to good market demand. At the end of year 2019 Raute employed more than 770 people worldwide. At the end of 2019, the number of employees was 518 in Finland, 135 in North America, 76 in China, and 49 people were employed elsewhere in the world.

Employee remuneration at Raute is divided to three parts, which are basic salary and benefits, remuneration tied to results and operations (bonuses) and long-term incentive systems. Depending on the job assignments a combination of remuneration systems is applied. All Raute employees are entitled to remuneration from one of the bonus plans. Read more about remuneration at Raute on the Remuneration Statement.


Personnel indicators



Number of personnel at Dec 31



Average employee turnover



Training hours

29 226

22 227

Mentoring hours 3 536 4 013