Health and safety

Raute wants to offer all its employees a safe place to work and is aiming at continuous improvement in occupational safety. Short term goal is to reach a level of under 10 lost time injuries per million hours worked (LTIF). Long term goal is to make Raute an accident-free work place.

In 2019 Raute had 18 Lost Time Injuries (2018: 31). Most of the accidents happen in production work and typically the injuries are superficial cuts, bruises or strains which may lead to a few days of absence from work. However, all accidents and near-miss situations have a possibility of more severe consequence, and for that reason all incidents are investigated, and corrective actions are taken when necessary.

A process for recording and handling safety observations is in place to collect valuable information about occupational safety and possible risks. During year 2019 Raute tracked 160 safety observations in Nastola.

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Accidents leading to absences lasting at least 1 day for every million working hours.