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Your Industry

We create machines to transform wood into modern engineered wood products that people have come to rely on. Engineered wood products are manufactured by bonding together veneer, lumber, chips, or strands with adhesives to create composite wood products. Engineered wood products can be further categorized into two: mass timber products and wood-based panels.

Mass timber products refer to panels, beams, or columns designed to be used in large-scale construction, providing structural strength and versatility comparable to steel and concrete. Mass timber products include Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Dowel-Laminated Timber (DLT), Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT, glulam), Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT), Laminated Stand Lumber (LSL), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL), I-joists, Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL), Mass Plywood Panel (MPP) or Veneer-Laminated Lumber VLT, and Massive OSB (MOSB).

Wood-based panels are designed for a wide range of applications in construction, furniture making, and interior design. Wood-based panels include plywood, particle board, solid wood panels, OSB, MDF, and wood fiber panels.

Our solutions

Raute’s solutions are an essential part of the wood-processing value chain. Our current offering covers a full portfolio for veneer, plywood, and LVL production and selected solutions for solid wood panels. In addition, we have an offering for log handling our Metriguard analyzers for the lumber sector as well.

We provide everything from mill-scale projects to individual production lines, machines, analyzers, and software. We serve both greenfield and brownfield producers. We offer services worldwide to maintain your production machinery and to improve the production to future-proof your mill.

We can supply tools for the entire production process covering the entire investment life cycle both in technologically established markets and emerging markets.

Log Handling

At the log yard of a mill, the incoming raw material is being sorted, qualified, and processed to logs for further processing. With us, your veneer and lumber production process starts with the market’s most precise and effective log handling.

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Veneer Production

Veneer is a thin wood sheet manufactured by peeling or slicing from a log, used primarily as the main ingredient in the making of plywood and LVL. We supply mills with solutions for all wood species, hardwood and softwood.

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Plywood Production

Plywood is a panel of wood consisting of thin, cross-bonded veneers, making it exponentially stronger than solid wood and one of the most versatile materials in the world. We are one of the world’s most reliable suppliers of mill-scale plywood projects.

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LVL Production

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a sturdy wooden beam made of veneers; ideal for load-bearing structures. More than half of the world’s LVL is produced with Raute machines, which can make LVL in all lengths, thicknesses and widths.

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Panel Handling

Panel handling covers finalizing wood-based panels to meet the end customer’s requirements. Raute's offering includes all panel handling technologies for plywood and selected solutions for solid wood panels.

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Complete mills

Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill.

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