Store, condition, debark, and cut

Log Handling

Great blocks make great wood products

The production of engineered wood products needs raw materials like veneer, lumber, chips, or strands, and to get these you need logs. Log handling is storing the fresh wood from the forest, and keeping it in good shape before taking the logs into use. At the log yard of a mill, the incoming raw material is being sorted, qualified, and processed into logs for a peeling line or lumber production. With the right choices at the log yard and in the complete log handling process, you can influence the production process efficiency.

In the sorting phase, the logs are sorted by their length and diameter to different classes so that the soaking, debarking, and cutting can be done optimally with as little raw material wastage as possible.  

With our technology, you can handle all wood species and logs from 1,6 meters up to 10 meters with a diameter typically 120-800 mm.

Our log handling process enables also environmentally friendly utilization of the bark chips as they can be used as an energy source at your mill. In case you can’t use it on-site, you can always sell it further to cut costs. Our log handling line is stable, and it gives solid capacity throughout the years. The Raute-quality machines keep your mill up and running with little stoppage time and maximal use of the raw material. With Raute you get the best possible margin from your production.

Raute has been delivering lines, machines, and intelligence for production needs for decades. We know the most crucial points of every process phase from log handling to high-quality end products. With us, your production process starts with the market’s most precise and effective log handling.