Veneer - versatile wood based material

Veneer Production

Veneer is the basis of the plywood and LVL industry. 

A veneer is a thin sheet of wood, peeled from the surface of a rotating timber log, akin to peeling an apple. Veneer is used in furniture and decoration but primarily it is the main ingredient in the making of plywood and LVL. 

The production of veneer consists of several phases, from handling and peeling logs to drying and patching the resulting veneer. Every phase requires its own specific machinery. At Raute, we have perfected each step of the production both technologically and process-wise to create the most optimal veneer needed.  

Our machines can create veneer out of all wood species, the most common being temperate zone broadleaves such as birch and poplar and softwoods such as pine and spruce. We also provide optimized solutions for tropical zone heavy hardwoods and plantation woods.