Financial targets

Our customers’ needs are the most important drivers of our operations. By understanding these needs, we can translate this understanding into solutions that truly help customers to gain a competitive edge against their rivals

Raute's strategic goals are to improve our profitability and maintain it at a good level, to have the ability to adjust to variations in economic cycles, and controlled growth. Our financial goal is to grow faster than the markets, remain financially sound and offer our investors competitive returns.

As the actualization of our goals is strongly tied to the development of the global economy as well as the timing of our customers' individual investments, we do not disclose time-bound target values for our financial goals.


Strategic goal

Key actions in achieving these goals 2021

Grow faster than the market


  • Good order intake with record-high order bok at the end of 2021.
  • Integration of Hiottu Oy following an acquisition to complement digital offering
  • Continued investments in development and launches of new products, digitalization and marketing
  • Continued efforts in China and other emergin markets

Improve profitability


  • Developing internal processes and the way of wrking e.g. with the help of a major process and IT system development project, from which the new financial and CRM systems have already been successfully taken in to use
  • Active pricing management to mitigate rapid cost inflation related to raw materials, components, and freight

Maintain strong balance sheet

  • Equity ratio 44.3 (58.8) %


Competitive returns to investors

  • Authorize the Board of Directors to decide, at its discretion, on the payment of a total dividend of no more than EUR 0.80 per share for series A and K sharesAuthorizatio to he Board of Directors EUR 0.80 dividend*
  • 0 - 5.3% effective dividend return (according to the share price on March 19, 2022)*


*Board's proposal to the AGM to be held on March 31, 2022.