Internal control

Internal control and procedures related to Raute’s financial reporting process have been developed to ensure that the financial reports published by the company present an essentially accurate and sufficient description of the Group’s financial position. 

Internal control and risk management procedures related to the financial reporting process are developed and managed together by the CFO and the controller organization. The controller function monitors the efficiency of internal control and risk management during the reporting process and reports on anomalies and insufficient control to the CFO. The CFO decides on whether corrective operative measures related to the anomalies will be taken, and also reports on the problems and development needs to the President and CEO and the Board of Directors, as well as to the manager who holds operative responsibility.

The management of the operative units ensures that the Group’s internal control and risk management procedures are abided by in their area of responsibility and that the information produced by the financial reporting of their organization is timely, comprehensive and correct.

Raute's financial reporting process has been described in more detail in the Corporate Governance Statement 2022.