Value chain and sustainability

Raute's solutions enable high yield of raw materials and energy efficient processes.

Sustainability is key in the wood processing value chain

Raute creates value by supplying solutions for the profitable and environmentally sustainable production of wood products.


Sustainable forestry and supply  
Wood is a natural and renewable raw material with strong growth in popularity worldwide. In sustainable forestry, the management and use of forests is ecologically, financially, socially, and culturally sustainable. Supply chains are traceable from wood products to forests, and production is located in close proximity of the raw material. 

Resource-efficient production and operations 
Future-proof production solutions enable affordable and profitable manufacture of wood products with the most resource-efficient use of wood, chemicals, and energy. With data and digital tools, you get 360 degrees view on production. 

Long-lasting wood products 
Our customers manufacture long-lasting veneer, plywood, LVL and other engineered wood products. Good trackability guarantees product quality, safety and that it meets industry standards and certifications. High-quality engineered wood products also act as carbon storage. After their original life is over, they can be reused, recycled, or used as raw material in energy production.  

Resource-efficient societies 
The use of different wooden structures and components is growing dramatically, especially in building construction, but also in furniture-making, transport vehicle and packaging industries. Renewability, recyclability, and eco-friendliness are sustainability trends that increase the use.