Value chain and sustainability

Raute's solutions enable high yield of raw materials and energy efficient processes.

Sustainability is key in the wood processing value chain


Raute creates value by supplying solutions for the profitable and environmentally sustainable production of wood products.



Wood is a renewable natural raw material that is growing strongly in popularity worldwide.

Sustainable forestry

In sustainable forestry, the management and use of forests is ecologically, financially, socially, and culturally sustainable.

Resource-efficient technology (RAUTE'S HANDPRINT)

The foundation for the sustainable and affordable manufacture of wood products is the most resource-efficient use of wood, chemicals, and energy.

Raute – a partner for life (RAUTE'S HANDPRINT)

We create added value for forest resources by providing the wood products industry with solutions that enable the profitable and resource-efficient manufacture of
wood products.

Long-lasting wood products

Thanks to our new innovations and state-ofthe-art technology, our customers in the wood products industry can boost their production and improve end-product quality. Our customers manufacture long-lasting woodbased panel products: veneer, plywood and LVL.

Veneer is a thin wood panel manufactured by peeling from a log.

Plywood is a panel of wood consisting of thin, cross-bonded veneers.

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a beam made of veneers glued with their grains parallel and then hot pressed; it is used in load-bearing structures.

End uses

Veneer, plywood and LVL products are used mainly in construction and furniture-making as well as in transport vehicle and packaging industries. The use of different wooden structures and components is growing dramatically especially in construction. Renewability, recyclability, and eco-friendliness are sustainable trends that increase the demand for and use of wood products worldwide.

Circular economy

The circular economy tries to keep products in use for as long as possible and to reuse their materials efficiently while maintaining the raw materials’ value. Wood-based panel products are long-lasting wood products. After their original life is over, they can be reused, recycled, or used as raw material in energy production. In the future, an increasing proportion of wood products will be recycled.

Sustainable megatrends

  1. Urbanization and smart infrastructure
  2. Mitigating climate change
  3. Depletion of natural resources
  4. Digitalization and automation

Source: Sitra


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