Data-driven Veneer, Plywood And LVL Production

Modernization has become a highly attractive solution to get more out from your existing drying line. The latest drying technology is possible to adapt to your existing drying line. That gives you the best possible ROI (return of investment). Modernizing by Raute is carried out step by step which means minimum downtime to your production.

This paper discusses how intelligence can improve production, what the transition from manual work to more automated work requires, and what effects it has on production. This paper introduces what the key points in veneer, plywood, and LVL production are, and what to investigate when considering updating the production machinery. In this whitepaper, the whole production process from veneer production to finalized product is covered, with a discussion about data collection in the veneer business.

Download: Data-driven Veneer, Plywood And LVL Production