Finding the solution starts with understanding your need

The right solution is one that delivers immediate and measurable benefits.

Initially, manufacturers cut production in anticipation of a deep recession. But they soon found themselves increasing output to meet unanticipated surges in demand for everything from electronic components to concrete. Moreover, they had to do so while dealing with labor shortages, supply chain bottlenecks, and rising costs.

Stakeholders in the engineered wood products industry have faced similar challenges since March of 2020. But these challenges were not necessarily new. Technological advancements, market pressures, and sustainability concerns have been evolving well before the arrival of COVID-19. Nevertheless, the volatility of the past two years has accelerated many producers’ transformation efforts, especially in the realm of plywood manufacturing.

Yet there’s a real upside to these challenges. In fact, they present mills with a rare opportunity to modernize their operations. That modernization process begins with achieving an end-to-end understanding of your need: its specific causes and consequences as well as what it will take to address them.

Asking yourself the following three questions can help you gain this understanding. More importantly, answering these questions can help pinpoint the solution that’s the perfect fit for your need. 

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