Accurate analyzers for lumber strength grading

Lumber Grading Analyzers

Not all lumber are alike. With accurate strength grading, it is possible to optimize the value of the lumber and get the most out of your raw material.

Profitable solutions for lumber strength grading

Not all the lumber are like, and to get the most value out of your raw material, lumber strength grading is one easy solution.

Raute's bending analyzer is physically bending the lumber when it passes through the analyzer and determines the stiffness for every section of the lumber. In addition, the analyzer is equipped with an informative user interface system for grading parameter setting, production statistics, and calibration.

You will find more information about the strength analyzers on the product pages below. When utilizing the automatic grading systems for the MSR/MEL lumber production, don´t forget to check our lumber testers for offline quality control purposes.

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