High Capacity Lumber Tester for MSR/MEL lumber production

Lumber Strength Analyzer - Bending

The longitudinal flow production bending analyzer that measures bending (E) by means of a rolling stiffness test.

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Lumber Strength Analyzer - Bending

Grades dimension lumber at extremely high speed

Lumber Strength Analyzer - Bending (formerly known as Metriguard 7200 HCLT) is a longitudinal flow production bending analyzer. It measures bending (E) by means of a rolling stiffness test in which the material is deflected downward, then upward to a prescribed defection in the dual bending sections, while the force at the center of the bending space is measured. Each piece is individually tested in the production line; its stiffness (E) value is measured, and a load is applied that is equal to the design value assigned to the MSR/MEL grade. The bending measurement of stiffness (E) responds properly to the effects of slope-of-grain, the high microfibril angle common in juvenile and compression wood, and moisture content. Local flat-wise bending measurements are recorded for Average E and Low-point E for each piece.

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