Transverse acoustic grading for MSR/MEL lumber production

Lumber Strength Analyzer - Sonic

Analyzer with an innovative electromagnetic hammer system and weigh bridge scale assembly to improve yield and ease of use.

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Lumber Strength Analyzer - Sonic

Measure sonic velocity and density of dimensional lumber to accurately and reliably sort by Average E

Lumber Strength Analyzer – Sonic (formerly known as Metriguard 2350 SLG) will sort lumber for Average E using density and sonic velocity. Our innovative electromagnetic hammer system and weigh bridge scale assembly are designed for improved yield and ease of use. Each piece of lumber is measured for size and weight to compute density. Acoustic resonance is measured and combined with the density to calculate the Average E. Ink spray marking for each piece is available or data for each piece can be passed to optimizing systems. 

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Key benefits

Easy and fast installation and start-up

Only one operator needed

Improve production efficiency

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