Accurate equipment for lumber strength testing

Lumber Testers

Lumber testers are a perfect solution for offline quality control for the strength graded lumber to ensure the continuous high quality level

Easy and fast strength testing for lumber

Lumber testers are a perfect solution for offline quality control​. By testing your lumber, you can be sure that the strength grading is working as planned. Or you can test the performance of your materials for other purposes.

Our testers are equipped with Windows UI for intuitive operator interactions and enable you to access the test data efficiently. Test sequences guided, and test data is captured and stored accordingly. Lumber testers are suitable for all third-party tests.

There are lumber testers for you to choose from:

If you need a Lumber tester with easy and fast bending testing for measuring the Modulus of Elasticity (E) and ultimate bending strength (MOR), the Lumber Bending Tester is your solution.

Get a Lumber Tension Tester if you need to determine the tensile strength of the lumber or other suitable materials.

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