Provides tensile quality control in MSR/MEL lumber production

Lumber Tension Tester - Offline

Works as the perfect tool for lumber quality control for tension testing.

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Lumber Tension Tester - Offline

Quick and accurate solution for tension testing

If you are concerned about the strength of lumber, finger joints, nail plates, or new connector design, then you need machinery for tensile loading of these materials/systems and an accurate measurement of the loads applied.

Lumber Tension Tester - Offline (formerly known as Metriguard 401 and 403) is an off-line tester which performs accurate tensile proof testing. The equipment is designed to accommodate dimension lumber and other materials and to quickly and conveniently test the materials by applying tensile loads.

Each of the two clamps in the frame contains a pair of grip plates. There are differences in the friction characteristics of the wood/grip interface for the different wood species and different grip surfaces. We offer two polymer and one abrasive grip.

The software package uses a Windows UI for intuitive operator interaction, with on screen prompts and color-coded status indicators that will lead the operator through the required test sequences.

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Key benefits

Easy and fast installation and start-up

Only one operator needed

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