Improve the lay-up process and produce high-quality plywood

Analyzers for Plywood Lay-up

Secure the quality of plywood and minimize rejected panels with accurate visual and moisture analysis.

Minimize panel rejections and delamination at hot pressing

Utilizing analyzers at plywood lay-up line improves process efficiency. Without analyzers, operators need to monitor veneer sheets visually. For the human eye, evaluating veneer dimensions visually in a short amount of time is difficult which can lead to panel rejections due to wrong veneer sizes.

At the lay-up line, visual analyzers monitor the dimensions of veneer sheets and automatically reject any broken or otherwise disqualified sheets. Moisture analyzers monitor that all sheets are dry enough for hot pressing. Utilizing analyzers minimizes panel rejects due to delamination or undersized veneer sheets and releases the operator time for other tasks.

Visual and moisture properties can be analyzed with individual or integrated analyzers. Utilizing integrated analyzers saves floor space and money. 

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