Increase the quality and yield of end-product

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Composing

Analyzer with high-accuracy camera system and industrial light system to optimize defect detection for core veneer composing.

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Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Composing

Ensure high-quality veneer composing

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Composing (formerly known as VCA) is equipped with a high-accuracy camera system and industrial light system for optimized defect detection for open and dark defects. Advanced software includes multiple parameters for optimizing recovery and quality. Those can be easily adjusted through the easy to use visual interface. Visual analyzer maximizes the recovery and quality and provides high flexibility in veneer composing.  Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 is best suited for core veneer composing.

Veneer Visual Analyzer R5 - Composing is fully compatible with Raute's  digital tools. These tools provide comprehensive data from essential elements of your veneer production, improving your overall production and composing efficiency. Based on the data, it is also easy to adjust the clipping rules on the peeling line for optimizing the quality of the sheets that will be composed after drying.

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Key benefits

Increase veneer recovery​

Increase production efficiency​

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