Minimize unnecessary veneer downgrading and extra sawing

Analyzers for Veneer Scarf-Jointing

Eliminate panel rejects caused by missing edges with accurate visual analysis by ensuring the scarf-jointed sheets meet the required minimum dimensions.

Analyzers help you make the most of your raw material

Scarf-jointing is a great way to improve your veneer production and to maximize the raw material utilization rate. Analyzers for veneer scarf-jointing enable improved utilization of short blocks. At the scarf-jointing line, long-grain core veneers are jointed together from the short-length veneer.

Analyzers are the key factor for the efficient scarfing process. Without analyzers at the scarf-jointing line, operators working manually may not downgrade broken sheets and sheets with a major shape error. Another problem may be that the veneer sizing saw is set to cut some extra from every veneer to ensure that the scarf quality is good. Extra sawing causes raw material losses that can easily be minimized with the help of analyzers.

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