Minimize panel rejects by accurate visual analysis

Visual Analyzers for Veneer Scarf-Jointing

Improve the quality of joint veneer sheets and end products by minimizing problems with too narrow sheets.

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Increase production efficiency by utilizing analyzer data

Visual analyzers detect the defects and geometrical features of the veneer and control the scarfing. They are also utilized for veneer alignment, edge trimming, and veneer grading. Visual analyzers enable adjusting the scarf saw to an optimal position as no extra sawing is required. This produces thousands of veneer sheets more per year as saved raw material.

Utilizing a visual analyzer at the scarf-jointing line enables the downgrading of veneers that are not suitable for scarf-jointing. Forwarding these unsuitable veneers to composing improves the quality of scarf-joint veneer sheets and problems with too narrow sheets in the end product can be minimized.

Visual analyzers also provide accurate data to be used as feedback to the dry veneer grading: grading parameters can be adjusted if the downgrading at the scarf-jointing line is too high. The feedback data can also be transferred to the peeling line if the veneer cutting dimensions are incorrect. Analyzers and the use of data minimizes the need for manual labor, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency.

Improve the scarf-jointing with accurate visual analysis:

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