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Analyzers for Veneer Drying

Dry veneer grading ensures forwarding veneer to right next step of the production from redrying, scarf-jointing, patching, composing, or straight to lay-up.

Grade the sheets accurately for the following process phases

At the drying line, it is crucial to grade the sheets correctly to forward them to the next process phases. The best solution is to let intelligent analyzers do the grading for you to secure consistent and smart decisions. Analyzers also provide valuable data from the drying process. The data helps you improve production and optimize the drying result which leads to better veneer quality and higher profit.

Modern analyzers grade sheets based on visual properties, moisture content, strength, and density of the veneer. Different properties can be analyzed with individual or integrated analyzers. Our integrated analyzer solutions combine the features of two or even three analyzers into one compact system. Utilizing integrated analyzers saves floor space and money and what’s most important, improves grading accuracy.

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