Accurate strength grading to secure plywood and LVL process

Strength Analyzers for Veneer Drying

Sort the sheets accurately to different strength grades to optimize plywood and LVL structures and end-product structural properties.

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Produce high-quality structural wood products

The purpose of strength analysis is to sort the veneers into different strength grades after drying. Strength grading is needed to produce products that require structural strength such as LVL. Selecting veneer sheets that meet a certain strength ensures that the end product meets the requirements set by standards. Grading the sheets correctly enables producing stronger engineered wood products.

Grading sheets to different strength grades ensures the most resource-efficient way for using veneer. Lower-grade sheets can be utilized for the inner layers of a laminated product, while the higher-grade sheets can be used for outer layers. This way the raw material is used efficiently, which maximizes veneer value and increases revenue.

Raute R7 series strength analyzer is perfect for the most demanding strength grading needs:

  • Put automation and machine vision in full use with R7-Series and master your productivity with high speed.

Looking for a complete mill

Complete mills

Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill.

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