Ultimate grading with the most advanced analyzer trio

Visual, Moisture and Strength Analyzers for Veneer Drying

The most accurate and versatile dry veneer grading solution for the most demanding grading needs.

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Visual, moisture, and strength analysis in one compact unit

Equipping the veneer drying line with visual, moisture, and strength analyzers provides you with highly valuable data about the drying process and veneer quality. This combined data helps you improve your entire production process and optimize the drying result. This leads to higher profit, energy savings, high raw material recovery, and better quality end products.

This analyzer unit also offers several optimization possibilities. With virtual composing and patching features, it is possible to estimate the best way to utilize the raw material in the following process phases. With face grade optimization, you can maximize the recovery of the most valuable face grade sheets. Strength analysis enables grading the sheets to different strength grades for structural end products.

Raute R7 series visual, moisture and strength analyzer is for the most demanding grading needs:

  • Put automation and machine vision in full use with R7-Series and master your productivity with high speed. 

Looking for a complete mill

Complete mills

Raute is the only company in the world that can provide the entire end-to-end production process of veneer, plywood and LVL from blocks to product. Any combination of material, machinery and magnitude can be accommodated to fit your needs and form your complete mill.

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